We love what we do. Its hard for us to draw a line between work and play. So we don't.


For Nepal


In July we sent a team of two to Sindhupalchowk, Nepal; a district completely devastated by the recent earthquakes. We spent most of our time on the ground in mountain villages at the epicenter of the quakes documenting the current human condition of the region. Post-production is complete and we are currently hosting gallery/film-screening exhibitions to raise awareness as well as funds to be poured back into the rebuilding of the district.



What if we stopped seeking subject matter, and just painted what we saw?

We started shooting what was around us... not to create some masterpiece. The masterpiece was already created - that's what we were capturing. This is really where it all started: Enjoying the world around us.










We worked with Parlay Marketing Partners in Augusta, GA to create a short form video to announce Precision Waste Service's acquisition of Columbia Waste.

Producer: Drew Hall

Director: Ryan Mahoney

DP/Edit: Kenny Gamblin

Agency: Parlay Marketing Partners L.L.C.





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We love it.


Here's some stuff from some shows we've shot